11C visited Malta

It needs three principles to learn a language effectively: motivation, continuous contact with the language and fun. A language trip to Malta gave us the opportunity to fully concentrate on the English language. In the largest language café in the world, we had three hours of professional English lessons every day. In addition, we often talked in English and gained a lot of linguistic experiences. We also made cultural experiences on excursions to the capital of Malta, Valletta, the former capital, Mdina and the island of Gozo. We had a lot of fun, doing acitivities such as playing waterball, doing a speedboat trip or admiring a beautiful sunset. But one of the best experiences was meeting people from all over the world.

Special thanks to Mrs Beylich who made the trip possible, to Mrs Eberle organizing it and to Mrs Riegel (spontanously substituting Mrs Seidenthal) and Mr Pingler who took part in the class trip. Without all these people, the trip couldn’t have happened. Thank you.

Text und Bilder: Hanna Beuter, Laura Hagemann